Title Examination & Title Insurance
At the core of our operation is the title search. Once our title examiners establish clear information from the County Courthouse the transaction can move forward.

Our personnel are trained to identify potential problems and to deal with them promptly. A title report or commitment for title insurance is then issued disclosing the various items which affect the property. These items include deed restrictions, easements, rights of ways, legal descriptions, conditions and other matters revealed by the title search.

Of extreme importance to the purchaser, as well as the Lender, is the final title insurance policy. We are underwritten by Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, two very substantial title insurance companies. With a title insurance policy from us, purchasers can rest assured that their rights to ownership are fully protected.

Processing & Settlement
Proper documents are prepared. Accurate figures are provided. All parties are made aware of the progress of the transaction. These are the responsibilities of our Processing and Settlement Department.

We try hard to address and resolve as many questions as possible before closing, so the settlement itself can be smooth and free of anxiety. Our goal is for all parties involved to leave the table feeling that no uncertainty remains about their sale, purchase or refinance.

A settlement with us is truly a pleasant experience!

Post Settlement Activities
The Post Settlement Department finalizes the transaction. Upon receiving the proceeds check, the seller bids his final good-bye. The buyer begins anew with the assurance that all documents are properly recorded and funds disbursed to the rightful parties. Tax collectors and property owners associations are all notified of the sale of the property.

The "grand finale" occurs after closing when the new owners are presented with their deed and final title policy. Lenders, as well, receive their title policy and the original recorded mortgage.

Additional Services
The following is a list of services provided by us at little or no cost to you:

1. Obtain copies of deeds, mortgages, plot plans, agreements, covenants and restrictions or other documents from the Court House Records.

2. Determine adjoining owners of properties being sold.

3. Provide lien or debt information on current owner if financial problems are suspected.

4. Locate and interpret tax assessment information.

5. Obtain information to satisfy lenders, such as flood certifications, road maintenance agreements, association by-laws and financial information, and occupancy permits.

6. Generally be a source of any and all information which concerns ownership of real estate and the title of same.




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